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General Information

Southland University has accepted transfer students and students seeking advance degrees from universities throughout the world. The following is a partial list of the colleges and universities represented.

New York State University
St. John’s University
University of Southern California
Iona College
Claremont Men’s College
Bagdad University, Iraq
Southwestern University, Philippines
University of Denver
University of Utah
Howard University
University of Ottawa, Canada
University of Toronto, Canada
Pepperline University
University of Texas
Brooklyn College
De Paul University
Loyola University
Princeton University
Marywood College
University of Waterloo, Canada
Fordham University
University of Kentucky
University of London, Great Britain
Yale University
Harvard University
University of Michigan
University of California, Los Angeles
Rutgers University
Carnegie-Melon University
University of Alaska
Brigham Young University
Northwestern University
Missouri State University
University of Houston
Mills College
University of Maryland
Brandeis University
Kent State University
Pace University
University of Rhode Island
Columbia University
Fairleigh-Dickinson University
Syracuse University
Cairo University, Korea
Korea University, Korea
Marthoma College, Tiruvalla, India

University of Hawaii
Long Beach State College
New York University
Adelphi University
Kansas State University
St. Thomas College
University of Maine
St. Louis University
Washington and Jefferson College
New York Institute of Technology
University of South Dakota
University de Geneve, Switzerland
University of Madras, India
University of Georgia
Antioch University
Temple University
University of Pennsylvania
Caribbean Union College, Trinidad
University of Connecticut
Toledo University
Universidad Madrid, Spain
George Washington University
University of Cincinnati
San Jose State College
University of Minnesota
Penn State University
University of West Virginia
University of Pittsburgh
Marietta College
University of Havana, Cuba
Dahoudieh College, Lebanon
Chicago State University
Monmouth College
University of Miami
Johns Hopkins University
State University of Haiti
Florida State University
Texas A & M University
Haverford College
Far Eastern University, Philippines
Queens College, Great Britain
McMaster University, Canada
University of Wales, Great Britain
Karnatak University, Dharwa, India
Far Eastern University, Philippines
Miraj Medical Centre, India

Southland University will accept any course work successfully completed at another university, college or institution that is documented on official transcripts and comparably meets Southland’s course work requirements. For details on the number of credits accepted toward a degree certificate see the Academic Requirement section of this catalog.
Many large and prestigious universities such as Harvard, Princeton and Yale are accepting credits transferred from non-traditional non-resident programs. Indeed, many of these major universities have non-resident programs of their own. However, since transfer of Southland University’s credits to another institution is at the option of that institution, students should check with the institutions to which they wish to transfer credit before enrolling at Southland.

Southland will supply one transcript upon graduation. Requests for additional transcripts must be in writing and signed by the student. The cost of each additional transcript is $5.00.

In order to protect the privacy of students’ and graduates’ records, no information will be provided unless a release, signed by the student or graduate, is attached to the request for information.

If Southland university’s programs do not fit your needs, our faculty advisors will help you plan a program that is right for you.


The designed program can be based on an existing accredited program from almost any major university.

A limited number of scholarships and partial scholarships are available to qualified program candidates. Eligibility will be determined by the Dean of each school in conjunction with the Dean of Admission.

Southland University is expanding its video education library and will be offering an increasing number of courses on video tape for credit. Check with your faculty advisor for courses in your area of study.

The Master’s Thesis and the Doctoral Dissertation can be completed in project form (e.g. Film/video presentation) with the consent of the faculty advisor. The quality of such a project is expected to be of the same professional standards as its written counterpart.

Students are encouraged to join the Southland University Alumni Association and receive the accompanying quarterly newsletter. By keeping track of the latest trends and changes in your profession, Southland will help you stay atop your field. Check the appropriate box on your application from to subscribe and enclose an additional $10.00 for your first year’s membership dues. The money from the Alumni Association will go toward a general scholarship fund to help deserving individuals who cannot afford the cost of quality education